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Klinikum Schloß Winnenden is an advanced specialist centre which engages in open communication and focuses on psychiatric-psychotherapeutic, psychosomatic, geriatric psychiatric and addiction therapy treatment. Various inpatient, day-patient and outpatient treatments are available at the locations in Winnenden, Ellwangen and Schwäbisch Gmünd. Each patient receives a treatment plan tailored individually to their specific requirements. The hospital is responsible for providing regional psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment in the Rems-Murr, Ludwigsburg South and Ostalbkreis districts. This corresponds to a coverage area of approximately 1 million residents.

Alongside regular hospital operations and high-grade fulfilment of its core duties, other important issues for the hospital include external openness, reducing inhibitions/mental barriers and destigmatisation of those suffering from mental disorders. As well as information events on mental illnesses, the hospital also holds regular cultural events such as lectures, concerts and art exhibitions. Great emphasis is placed on specialist therapies such as music therapy, art therapy, ergotherapy, physiotherapy and sports therapy - put together individually based on the respective treatment plan. Involving relatives and loved ones plays an important part in the holistic approach.

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General psychiatry

General psychiatry focuses on treatment of adults with acute mental disorders. These are predominantly schizophrenic, bipolar and depressive issues, personality disorders and acute life crises.

Klinik für Allgemeinpsychiatrie und Psychotherapie

Geriatric psychiatry

Geriatric psychiatry regards itself as a branch of clinical psychiatry and psychotherapy that addresses diagnosis and therapy for psychiatric illnesses among older people.

Comprehensive and specialised treatment choices are available to the increasing number of people growing older. Alongside inpatient and day-patient services, we offer comprehensive outpatient care, as well as measures to promote health and prevent illness. Special offers are also available for those suffering from dementia.

Klinik für Alterspsychiatrie und Alterspsychotherapie


The field of psychosomatics focuses on the study of interactions and mutual influence between body and soul in humans. These include physical disorders where no adequate organic findings are demonstrable, psychological disorders which also have physical effects such as eating disorders, as well as physical illnesses whose progression depends heavily on the mental state of the patient.

The objective is to alleviate physical and psychological symptoms and develop a helpful understanding together with patients of the various relationships of their illness.

Klinik für Psychosomatische Medizin und Psychotherapie

Addiction therapy and withdrawal

Addiction treatment services focus on pathologies in the context of harmful use of drugs, alcohol and medicine. Alongside qualified withdrawal treatment, which includes detoxification and motivation both for further treatment and changing the consumption behaviour of addictive substances, patients suffering from additional psychiatric illnesses are also treated.

Klinik für Suchttherapie und Entwöhnung